PRACEdays17 – Presentations

PRACE Award for Best Scientific Presentation 2017 was awarded to Alberto Giacomello (Sapienza University of Rome) for his talk “Robust bioinspired surfaces for underwater operation

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Plenary session

Opening of PRACEdays17 Serge Bogaerts, Chair of the PRACEdays1 7 Organisation and Programme Committee
Welcome Anwar Osseyran, Chair of the PRACE council
Welcome note local Host  BSC Mateo Valero, Director BSC
 Vlasiator – Understanding near-Earth space in six dimensions  Minna Palmroth, University of Helsinki Scientific Keynote
 Quantitative supply chain optimization using big-data methodologies in the chemical industry Telli van der Lei, Senior Scientist Supply Chain and Process Modeling, DSM Industrial Keynote
Presentation of the upcoming Call for proposals of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom 2017 Leonardo Flores Añover, European Commission
Developing European Technology to Serve the HPC
Jean-Pierre Panziera, ETP4HPC

Scientific Parallel Track 1: Materials Science

Bioinspired surfaces for robust submerged superhydrophobicity: insights from molecular dynamics Alberto GIACOMELLO, Sapienza University of Rome
Optimized Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Algorithms for modelling the self-organization of two classes of materials: semifluorinated alkanes and semiconducting polymers based on thiophenes Flora Tsourtou, University of Patras

Scientific Parallel Track 2: Life Science

A multiscale model of chromatin at bp-level Jürgen WALTHER (Institute for Research in Biomedicine Barcelona)
Rapid, accurate, precise and reliable relative free energy prediction using ensemble based thermodynamic integration Agasthya BATHI (University College London)
PCJ-BLAST – massively parallel sequence alignment using NCBI Blast and PCJ Java library Bala PIOTR (University of Warsaw)

Scientific Parallel Track 3: Fluid Dynamics

Climate change mitigation: prediction of CO2 dissolution in geological reservoirs Marco DE PAOLI (Vienna University of Technology)
Large Scale Simulations of Cloud Cavitation Collapse Ursula RASTHOFER (ETH Zurich)
Viscosity-modulated breakup and coalescence of large drops in bounded turbulence Alessio ROCCON (TU Wien)

Plenary Session

Future GEANT network plans in Europe Mark JOHNSTON (Chief Operations Officer GÉANT)
3 poster presentations shortlisted for PRACE Best Poster Award
DNS of Gravity-Driven Bubbly Flows Néstor Balcázar,
Nonlinear electromagnetic stabilization of ITG microturbulence  by ICRF-driven fast ions in ASDEX Upgrade Felipe Nathan de Oliveira, BSC

Industrial Parallel Track 1: Spanish Industry

In silico drug discovery and computation Roberto SOLIVA (NBD)
Vortex Bladeless: A new way to harvest wind energy José VIYEIRA (Vortex Bladeless)

Industrial Parallel Track 2: Industry & Engineering

Next Generation of Co-Processors Emerges – In-Network Computing Richard Graham, (Mellanox)
FTL Systems’ Commercial ExaScale Systems Designed & Manufactured in Europe Willis JOHN (FTL Systems)

Industrail Parallel Track 3: European Industry

Matrix of RNA-Seq project (SHAPE) Fabien PIERRAT (MARS)
FORTISSIMO and SHAPE: helping SMEs access HPC Paul GRAHAM (EPCC, Fortissimo)
SesameNET Project Tomi ILIJAŠ (ARCTUR, Coordinator of SESAMENet Project)

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Plenary session

Opening & Welcome
Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between PRACE-RIST-XSEDE
Innovation of Intelligent Manufacturing Driven by Cloud HPC Xue-Feng YUAN (Director Institute for Systems Rheology (ISR) School of Engineering Science for Intelligent Manufacturing, P.R. China)
Modeling of catalysts with industrial applications Lopez NURIA (Group Leader, Institute of Chemical research of Catalonia, ICIQ, Tarragona, Spain)

Scientific Parallel Track 4: Energy & Particle Physics

High Performance Computing for Non-linear MHD Simulations of Pellet Triggered ELMs in Fusion Devices Shimpei FUTATANI (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
Design and optimization of a portable Lattice QCD Monte Carlo code for heterogeneous HPC architectures, using OpenACC Enrico CALORE (INFN and University of Ferrara)

Scientific Parallel Track 5: Astrophsics

Multi-scale reionization Iliev ILIAN (University of Sussex)
State-of-the-art hybrid simulations of plasma turbulence in support of solar and heliospheric space missions Luca FRANCI(University of Florence)

Scientific Parallel Track 6: Climate & Environment

Multifractal and Dynamic Topology of the Ocean Surface José Manuel REDONDO (UPC Barcelona)
Software stack deployment for Earth System Modelling using SPACK Kim SERRADELL MARONDO (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
Mixing due to large amplitude internal waves and convection Sibgatullin ILIAS (Moscow State University)
User Forum
PRACE Peer Review Roxana DASCALU (PRACE aisbl), John CLIFFORD (PRACE aisbl)
How to recruit and retain women in the PRACE HPC community Toni COLLIS (EPCC)

Thursday 18 May 2017

Plenary session

Closing of PRACEdays17 Serge Bogaerts