PRACEdays18 – Presentations

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Plenary Sessions

Leonardo Flores The upcoming Call for proposals of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom 2018

Parallel Sessions

Industrial Track

Néstor Balcázar DNS of interfacial heat and mass transfer in bubble swarms
Romain Klein Supercomputing for Everyone: Meeting the Growing Needs of Businesses
Paul Graham Introduction to SHAPE
Tomas Karasek Virtual Prototyping in Development Cycle of 3D Printed Cranial Orthoses.
Nicolas Tonello Optimising 2D simulations for faster, better steam turbine design.
Daniel Vladusic On flexibility of HPC
Ioannis Papaefshtathiou Oil reservoir simulation in HPC
Matej Andrejasic CFD software verification on an electric airplane utilizing HPC
Tomislav Subic Helping SMEs with HPC
Guanming Tan Performance Optimisation of HPC
Roberto Siagri Performance Optimisation of HPCHPC the new normal: from HPC to HPEC

CFD &Engineering

Georgios Margazoglou A Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm for sampling extreme events in turbulence and stochastic models.
Vincent Moreau “HPC for the simulation of turbulent combustion in aeronautical engines”

Materials &Chemistry

Roberto Iglesias Construction and relaxation of metallic heterointerfaces including point defects for DFT simulations.
Bela Fiser Molecular Design of Bio-Based Polyurethanes.

Life Sciences & Chemistry

Csaba Hetenyi A massively parallelized, systematic method for efficient prediction of multiple drug binding

Plasma & Energy

Shimpei Futatani High Performance Computing of Non-linear MHD Simulations for Fusion Plasmas.
Jeronimo Garcia Optimization of plasma confinement through supercomputation: towards clean and efficient energy sources.

Astro & Particle

Ilian Iliev Multi-scale reionization: the physics of the first billion years of the Universe.
David Weir Gravitational waves from early universe phase transitions.

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Plenary Sessions

Alan Williams Building a world-class national high performance e-infrastructure for Australian research and innovation

Thursday 31 May 2018

Plenary Sessions

Tomi Ilijas HPC as an opportunity for innovative SMEs
Marisol Ripoll Phoretic active matter and micromachines
Giuseppe Fiameni Outcome of PRACE-EUDAT Seminar (tbc)