PRACE@ISC2018 – Pictures

Serge Bogaerts, PRACE Managing Director opened with a Welcome talk the PRACE booth at ISC2018 on Monday 25 June 2018. Please see the pictures of the first exhibition day:

On Tuesday 26 June different Mini-Presentations were held at the PRACE booth. In the afternoon the PRACE PCP Reception took place. PRACE completed the process for a Pre-Commercial Procurement on Whole-System Design for Energy Effcieint HPC in order to obtain R&D services. The aim is to become PRACE HPC systems more energy efficient.


On Wednesday 27 June the booth opened with a presentation about “Applying FETHPC project tool suite (DEADEX) to a CoE application (Alya)”. PRACE is for the second time sponsor for the STEM Student & Gala at ISC. For this reason the afternoon was booked for the STEM Day Tours which gave PRACE opportunity to explain brief PRACE Training possibilities. During the STEM Gala the students had more time to address their questions to PRACE representatives.