Practical programming skills for heterogeneous systems – trips and tricks

Practical programming skills for heterogeneous systems – trips and tricks.

14-15 December 2017, Technical University branch Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The training school is organized by NCSA. This is a training event at NCSA which  will focus on supercomputer applications and training practical skills by demonstration how to run an application and how to prepare and run our own parallel code.

Some dedicated hand-on sessions will take place:

Supercomputers and Supercomputer applicationsProf. Stefka Fidanova

  • History of supercomputers;
  • Supercomputer architecture;
  • Most popular supercomputer processors and operating systems;
  • Top 10 of supercomputers in the world;
  • Top 10 of supercomputers in Europe;
  • Bulgarian supercomputer center.
  • What is parallel computing;
  • Supercomputer applications and short description of every one of them.

Parallel programming and SupercomputersAssoc. Prof. Tzvetan Ostromski

  • What is parallel algorithms and parallel programming;
  • Different levels of parallelism;
  • MPI and OMP;
  • Vectorization, programming for Xeon Phi;
  • How to run parallel code on Avitohol supercomputer;
  • Importance of the computer architecture and how our program to be prepared in optimal way according the architecture;
  • Examples.