SHAPE 8th Call – Application Form

The 8th Call for Applications to SHAPE opens on Monday 1 October 2018 with a closing date of Saturday 1 December 2018

There are two ways to submit your project proposal either on-line, via the web form below; or via a downloadable version of the form:

to be completed and returned to: shape-application[at]

For further information please contact the SHAPE team:

Notes on the application form:
This is the application form for the SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) call. Please click the help (?) button on relevant fields to see guidance text for that field. Further instructions can be found under the field titles. Word count suggestions are provided where relevant. The form will accept at maximum twice the suggested word count.

At this application stage some SMEs may not be in a position to provide all of the information requested e.g. specific hardware details, quantity of machine time etc. The review process can accommodate this, but where specific details are not available please provide as much relevant information as possible to assist in the assessments.

SHAPE 8th Call Application Form

Fields marked with a * are required.

Company information

Contact information

Application detail

If yes, please give details: project name, PRACE centre who they worked with, systems used etc.

(300 words) Please describe your company and its core expertise.

(150 words) Briefly describe the project which you are proposing and its goals.

(250 words) A key criterion for approving a SHAPE application is that the project needs to have the potential to create business benefits for the proposing SME.  Please provide some details of the business relevance and an estimate of the expected impact of the proposed work e.g.  reduced time-to-market, job generation, increase in service quality etc.

(300 words) In general terms, please describe the planned approach to the project.

Where possible, provide a breakdown of the tasks required to achieve the project goals along with an estimate of effort for each task in person-months (PM) from both the SME and the PRACE expert. Include the total expected effort at the end (SHAPE projects typically receive 3-6 months of effort from PRACE). Note SHAPE projects are expected to produce a report (8-10 pages) on the work performed at the conclusion of the project.

An example workplan:

Sample workplan

Technical and business requirements

Please identify technical and non-technical requirements for the project. Please note that it is understood that not every SME will be able to complete this section. However, where it is available, provide as much information as possible in the subsections below.

Technical requirements may include third-party software, preferred hardware architecture, non-standard security levels (like VPNs or data transfers methods not sftp-based), data storage estimates, remote visualization capabilities, etc...

If there is a particular PRACE centre/HPC service that you wish to work with also please state this here. Non-technical requests may include Non-Disclosure Agreements, data locality issues, etc…

Please motivate your requests.

Compute Resource

Please add notes motivating your compute resource requests below.

Non-technical resource

Please add notes motivating your non-technical requests below.

Please submit your application by clicking on the submit button below.