Call for Participation – RoMoL 2016, March 17-18 2016, Barcelona, Spain,

Call for Participation – RoMoL 2016
Riding on Moore’s Law (RoMoL 2016) workshop

Collocated after HPCA/PPoPP/CGO conferences
Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) – UPC
Barcelona, Spain, March 17-18, 2016

We are glad to invite you to the Riding on Moore’s Law (RoMoL 2016) workshop, focused on the co-design of architectures and parallel runtimes. The workshop is promoted by the RoMoL project, a European Research Council Advanced Grant awarded to Prof. Mateo Valero, and will take place on March 17 and 18 right after the HPCA/PPoPP/CGO conferences at the University Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) campus.

RoMoL 2016 will consist of several presentations given by internationally recognized researchers and a final discussion panel.
Check the workshop program at:

We hope that you will be able to attend the workshop. If so, please confirm your attendance via the following URL, signing up no later than March 2:

Looking forward to seeing you in three weeks,

General Chairs: Yale Patt (U. of Texas at Austin), Mateo Valero (UPC/BSC)
Program Chairs: Nacho Navarro, Eduard Ayguadé (UPC/BSC)
Local Chair and Logistics: Miquel Moreto, Marc Casas (UPC/BSC)

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RoMoL 2016 Workshop
The increasing complexity of computing systems has spurred the development of new programming models and computer architectures in which a runtime layer has the responsibility of handling the parallel workloads. Currently, multi-cores architectures are typically designed as simple symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) on a chip. However, to properly take advantage of their potential,a much tighter hardware-software collaboration is required and, even more, the runtime should drive the design of some of the components that future multi-core designs will include. In this workshop we gather world class experts on computer architecture, runtime systems and programming models to discuss ways to achieve strengthened co-operation and improved interoperability and co-design opportunities between the runtime system and the underlying hardware.

RoMoL 2016 takes place on March 17-18 2016 in Barcelona, right after the HPCA, PPoPP and CGO 2016 conferences.

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