EoCoE service page open for PRACE user community

The Energy oriented Centre of Excellence for computing applications is a European network of experts in High Performance Computing aimed at supporting sustainable energy applications from Academia, Industry and the Public Sector.

The newly established service page offers a single entry point to the PRACE user community working on energy-related areas seeking support on the following themes:

  • Improve own applications: Code auditing and optimisation enhancements;
  • Utilise EoCoE’s cutting-edge numerical tools and energy-oriented simulations;
  • Benefit from EoCoE’s consultancy and training in modelling and simulation.

At least until mid-2018, these services will be provided free of charge. Best results will be ensured as long as the necessary person months and expertise are available at both the seeker and solver (EoCoE) parties.

In its first phase, EoCoE will strengthen the network of experts in the development and application of simulation tools for selected areas related to energy sector challenges. For example, meteorology for energy (e.g. Direct Normal Irradiance forecasting), materials for energy (batteries, supercapacitors and photovoltaic cells), water for energy, fusion and activities in cross-cutting domains (applied mathematics, computer science). In addition, EoCoE regularly organises training and performance evaluation workshops.

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