PRACE SHAPE Programme supports three further SMEs

SHAPE is a pan-European programme that promotes High Performance Computing adoption by SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), supported as part of the PRACE initiative. So far, SHAPE has helped 41 companies to benefit from using HPC in their business.

PRACE is very pleased to announce that, following the seventh call for applications to SHAPE, three more SMEs will be able to start working with PRACE to gain access to HPC expertise and resources, expand their HPC experience and ultimately enhance their business.

Briggs Automotive Company Ltd (U.K.) “Applying parallel CFD to single-seat supercar design

This SME designs and manufactures the world’s only road-legal, single-seat supercar, the Mono ( The aim of the project is to use an open source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code OpenFOAM to compute high-resolution aerodynamic flow around the vehicle, in order to analyse and optimise design features. This will help the company reduce the time to market, optimise and develop future variants of their vehicles and ultimately establish computational processes for development of an all-new car.

Polyhedra Tech SL. (Spain) “HPC optimisation of SDLPS distributed simulator

The SME builds simulation tools to assist their business and partners in optimising their day-to-day operations, in areas such as energy efficiency, building certification, consultancy for the construction industry and so on. The core of their business model is the use of a distributed simulator that enables automatic translation of models defined using the Specification and Description Language (SDL) into working simulations, which can then be parallelised. There are two goals for this project: first, to investigate parallelisation strategies to accelerate the simulator runtime, second, to test, benchmark and optimise the simulator on social science models requiring different parallelisation paradigms. Combined, these goals will open up the tool to a new set of clients and provide them with access to state of the art technology previously unavailable to them, with the expectation that the SME can diversify and increase its client base.

FLUIDDA (Belgium) “HPC simulation of particles deposition in human airways

FLUIDDA is a world leader in the field of Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) research and development, offering pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers a unique entry point into personalised medicine for patients suffering from respiratory diseases and sleep-related breathing disorders. Their proposal is use HPC to perform and validate simulations of particle deposition in human airways, considering different patient-specific cases using the code Alya, part of the PRACE benchmark suite. It is expected that a successful project could lead to new customers and new services for the SME.

As always with SHAPE, it is encouraging to see the diverse range of subject areas and fields that the programme works with. We expect that this new tranche of projects will start in September 2018.


The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) is an international non-profit association with its seat in Brussels. The PRACE Research Infrastructure provides a persistent world-class high performance computing service for scientists and researchers from academia and industry in Europe. The computer systems and their operations accessible through PRACE are provided by 5 PRACE members (BSC representing Spain, CINECA representing Italy, ETH Zurich/CSCS representing Switzerland, GCS representing Germany and GENCI representing France). The Implementation Phase of PRACE receives funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (2014-2020) under grant agreement 730913.

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