SHAPE, the SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe is a pan-European, PRACE-based programme supporting HPC adoption by SMEs. The Programme aims to raise awareness and equip European SMEs with the expertise necessary to take advantage of the innovation possibilities opened up by High Performance Computing (HPC), thus increasing their competitiveness.

HPC is a powerful technology that can enable the development of new products or services, reduce time-to-market and cost of R&D or increase quality. The opportunities opened up by HPC are vast and an increasing number of SMEs turn to HPC in order to create new business opportunities.

The Programme will help European SMEs overcome barriers to using HPC, such as cost of operation, lack of knowledge and lack of resources. It will facilitate the process of defining a workable solution based on HPC and defining an appropriate business model.

SHAPE Pilot is the trial phase of the programme and it aims to work with selected SMEs in order to help them adopt HPC.

The SHAPE Pilot Call is now closed

The press release on the launch of the SHAPE pilot programme can be found here

The press release on the selection of the first 10 SME applications can be found here


The White Papers created from the SHAPE Pilot Projects can be found here

For any information on this Programme, please visit our website at or contact shape[at]