SIGMA – UNINETT Sigma AS – The Norwegian Metacenter for Computational Science

SIGMA is a non-profit limited company that was created in 2004 to coordinate the Norwegianinfrastructure for computational science that is financed in part by the Research Council ofNorway. This includes the national infrastructure for High-Performance Computing (Notur II), a national infrastructure for scientific data (NorStore) and the Norwegian Grid Initiative (NorGrid). The Notur II infrastructure provides access to HPC resources for researchers at all Norwegian universities, university colleges and research institutes, as well as for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute for operational forecasting. The project has a clear focuson providing modern resources and services in an agile production environment, ensuring efficient utilization of the resources and on providing application support for heavy usercommunities as well as new/potential communities.

The consortium that constitutes the Notur II infrastructure includes the University of Oslo(UiO), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the University of Bergen, the University of Tromsø and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The business between SIGMA and these partners is regulated by a 10-year Consortium Agreement (2005-2014) and renewable Service Level Agreements.

SIGMA coordinates the investments in large-scale resources and the operations and supportbetween the partners in the infrastructure. The distributed nature of the Norwegian infrastructure and the cost-sharing between Research Council and the consortium partners make that Norway has substantial experience in aspects that are important to PRACE, e.g.:usage models and peer-review.

SIGMA has the mandate from the Research Council of Norway to make commitments in PRACE. SIGMA participates in WP2 and WP4 of the Implementation Phase project and represents Norway in the Project Management Board.

UiO and NTNU are Third Parties in the PRACE Implementation Project. The two universities have extensive experience in operating HPC resources and in providing basic user support (help-desk) and application support. The two universities will carry out the technical activities in the Implementation Phase, in particular WP7 (Petascale Applications) and WP9 (Future Technologies).

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