Study of cardiac arrhythmia’s using high performance computing

A team of the University of Bodeaux 1 within IMB (Institut de Mathématiques) and Joint Inria, and IHU LIRYC (L’Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire de Rythmologie et modélisation Cardiaue de Bordeaux) used for their project CAMEL – CArdiac MechanoELectrics  GENCI resources as well as the PRACE HPC Research Infrastructure. The project was awarded with 13 million core hours on Marconi KNL, hosted by PRACE Hosting member CINECA, Italy.

Cardiac diseases, along with cancers, are the biggest causes of deaths in Europe. Almost half of cardiac deaths are linked with racing cardiac rates as a result of ventricular arrhythmias. Advances in pharmacology and intervention introduced in the 1980’s helped to considerably improve survival rates among infarct patients. However, over the longer term these patients can develop a cardiac deficiency, as well as fatal ventricular arrhythmias. Such sudden cardiac deaths are not confined only to patients who have suffered an infarct but also include young and apparently healthy patients; there are several hereditary syndromes that can trigger fatal arrhythmias, often before any anomaly has even been diagnosed. Please read more here: