The PRACE Data Analytics Service

This paper describes the work completed in the scope of PRACE 5IP/WP6 – Service 6 Data Analytics in Task 6.2: Design and Development of new Service prototypes.
Among the technical domains covered by the “Data analytics” term, we decided to focus on the current trends that show a growing interest in the community of data scientists: machine learning and deep learning techniques, which make use of automated algorithms, as they can offer faster dataset analysis than more conventional methods. Thus, we evaluated how these techniques can benefit from HPC environments with powerful CPUs and GPUs to manage the models’ complexity and accelerate the training, as well as to handle the increased amount of training data.
We describe the PRACE Data Analytics service that relies on a set of coherent components: frameworks, libraries, tools and additional features to support, facilitate and promote the data analytics activities in PRACE and help users in running their machine and deep learning tasks over the PRACE systems.
Then, we present the results we obtained for a set of deep learning benchmarks and real use cases we ran on the different PRACE architectures while using these components, that confirm their efficiency.

  • WP285
    The PRACE Data Analytics Service Service description and results