The PRACE User forum organises Minisymposium 502 at the ECCOMAS 2016 conference

The next general eccomas conference will be held from the 5 to 10 June 2016 in Crete.  Within this conference,
the PRACE user forum organizes minisymposium MS502. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is currently December 31st.

MS502 focuses on high-end supercomputing for computational mechanics, with a particular focus but not limited to applications run
on PRACE resources (both regular and preparatory call users). Potential topics for talks include

– Development and adaptation of algorithms and discretisations for peta and exascale computations;
– Benefits of using high-end HPC for research and industry;
– Performance optimization and analysis of high-end HPC applications and libraries;
– Tools and techniques for enabling applications for high-end HPC;
– Software engineering and testing for high-end HPC applications;
– The view of HPC centres and organisations on the use and evolution of HPC infrastructures;
– Future challenges for HPC users towards peta and exascale.

In addition to the presentations, part of the minisymposium would be dedicated to an open discussion, inviting all participants to
share their views on PRACE, and provide ideas on how PRACE can become more convenient for existing users, and help new
users to do their research on large-scale (Tier-0) supercomputers.

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