• Training and Documentation

  • The aim of PRACE RI Training is to provide a sustained, high-quality training and education service for the European HPC community through seasonal schools, workshops and scientific and industrial seminars, in order to effectively exploit the unprecedented capabilities of HPC resources of RI.

    Guiding principle in developing the training and educational programs is the compliance with the educational needs of the researchers, thorough understanding of their existing skills and competencies.

    PRACE is active in a number of Training and Outreach activities.

  • PRACE Door Nodes (Access to HPC systems)

    PRACE Door Nodes are PRACE machines wich offer interactive access for all DECI users over the public Internet in order to reach all DECI resources on the dedicated PRACE network. The following table summarizes the PRACE Door Nodes together with the necessary details for the login. SITE Hostname Port IT4Innovations/VSB-TUO anselm.it4i.cz 2222 IT4Innovations/VSB-TUO salomon.it4i.cz 2222 […]

  • PRACE Batch Systems (Job submission)

    Introduction This document briefly describes each of the Batch Systems currently deployed at each of the PRACE platforms. It describes some basic commands of each system and then lists some site-specific commands which may be of interest. For further more detailed information, the user should visit the platform’s online User Guide. Overview This document lists […]

  • Data Transfer with GridFTP (Data transfer)

    This document describes the deployment and usage of the data transfer facility GridFTP, a component of the Globus middleware suite. GridFTP allows to transfer data efficiently between PRACE sites as well as between a non-PRACE site and a PRACE site.

  • GSISSH-Term (Interactive access using GSI SSH clients)

    GSISSH-Term is a Java based terminal client application for accessing the Grid created by the UK’s NGS. It supports the use of grid certicates for authentication. Since this application is written in Java, it is supported on most platforms (e.g. Windows, Macintosh and Linux). PRACE provides a customised version of GSISSH-Term which includes PRACE users’ […]

  • Interactive Access to HPC Resources (Access to HPC systems)

    Interactive access is provided to all systems for which access is granted as part of a PRACE allocation of Tier-0 resources and DECI calls. The following paragraphs will refer multiple times to the concepts of Execution Site, Home Site and PRACE Door Node. An Execution Site is a PRACE resource offering computational resources to the […]

  • Featured ImageCourse and Workshop on Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications (HPC Related Events Partners Trainings)

    COURSE AND WORKSHOP ON PARALLEL NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA WITH APPLICATIONS Sofia, March 28 – 31, 2017 The course will present state of the art topics in the development of parallel direct and iterative methods for linear systems with sparse matrices. Some dedicated hand-on sessions will take place. Sparse matrices: Renumbering, structure, properties, assembling; Mesh generation, […]

  • Hybrid MPI/OpenMP programming @ MdlS/IDRIS (Past PATC Courses)

    The purpose of this training course is to present hybrid programming, MPI+OpenMP, as well as to give a feedback of effective implementations of such a parallel programming model on several application codes.
    We will explain why the hybrid programming a…