• PRACE User Documentation

  • The user documentation is split documents that contain detailed information on various topics.

    The comprehensive user documentation contains topics such as the PRACE Common Production Environment, the Access to Accounting Information, details of the PRACE Batch Systems, Interactive Access to PRACE HPC Systems and Data Management with tools such as GridFTP.

  • Data Transfer with GridFTP (Data Transfer with GridFTP)

    This document describes the deployment and usage of the data transfer facility GridFTP, a component of the Globus middleware suite. GridFTP allows to transfer data efficiently between PRACE sites as well as between a non-PRACE site and a PRACE site.

  • PRACE Batch Systems (PRACE Batch Systems)

    Introduction This document briefly describes each of the Batch Systems currently deployed at each of the PRACE platforms. It describes some basic commands of each system and then lists some site-specific commands which may be of interest. For further more detailed information, the user should visit the platform’s online User Guide. Overview This document lists […]

  • Interactive Access to HPC Resources (Interactive Access to HPC Resources)

    Interactive access is provided to all systems for which access is granted as part of a PRACE allocation of Tier-0 resources and DECI calls. The following paragraphs will refer multiple times to the concepts of Execution Site, Home Site and PRACE Door Node. An Execution Site is a PRACE resource offering computational resources to the […]

  • GSI SSH command line tool (Interactive Access to HPC Resources)

    Installation Linux users can install the command line GSI SSH client from package repositories, provided by the Globus Toolkit developers or by EGCF (European Globus Community Forum). Both APT and RPM based repositories are taken into account, with some minor differences. On an APT platform, the correct package to install is gsi-openssh-client while on RPM […]

  • Certificates FAQ (User FAQs)

    This document is the PRACE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Certificates in general.

    This FAQ is kept up-to-date and readers are encouraged to submit newFAQ questions or other improvements.

  • GSI SSH clients (Interactive Access to HPC Resources)

    This section is devoted to guide the users through the installation, configuration and usage of a GSI SSH client on the local PC. This is a basic step to access a PRACE Door Node as well as, in some cases, a PRACE Home Site or a PRACE Execution. Please refer to this section for an […]

  • GSISSH-Term (Interactive Access to HPC Resources)

    GSISSH-Term is a Java based terminal client application for accessing the Grid created by the UK’s NGS. It supports the use of grid certicates for authentication. Since this application is written in Java, it is supported on most platforms (e.g. Windows, Macintosh and Linux). PRACE provides a customised version of GSISSH-Term which includes PRACE users’ […]

  • Accounting Report Tool (Distributed Accounting Report Tool)

    Description The PRACE infrastructure enables access to the PRACE CPU hour usage using DART, the Distributed Accounting Report Tool, which is a client application which gathers accounting information provided by every PRACE site in a standardised manner. Based on this information it generates reports of the usage of distributed computing resources within PRACE. These reports […]