UYBHM – Ulusal Yuksek Basarimli Hesaplama Merkezi, Istanbul Technical University – National Center for High Performance Computing

Istanbul Technical University ( (ITU) is a prominent institution ofhigher technical education in Turkey. It was established in 1773 and has largestgraduate school in Turkey. Of ITU’s five campuses, the main campus is located atAyazaga, a recently developed business area. With a history stretching back over236 years, providing technical education within a modern educational environmentand strong academic staff, ITU is strongly identified with architectural andengineering education in Turkey.

National Center for High Performance Computing of Turkey (UYBHM)( is located in the main campus (Ayazaga) of ITU andfunded by the State Planing Organization of Turkey (DPT). UYBHM project islaunched in 2004 and started to provide HPC services to academia and industrysince 2006.

The main goal of UYBHM is to build awareness regarding to computational sciencesand engineering in Turkey and to prepare and develop a computational infrastructurefor scientific research and industrial R&D.

UYBHM has become PRACE MoU partner in May 2008, and partnered with BilkentUniversity (BILKENT) and Bogazici University (BOGAZICI) to contribute to thePRACE-1IP project in dissemination, petascaling and future technologies.

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