VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

VSB – TUO is a part of Czech public universities system. More than 24 thousandstudents study there, its seven faculties specialize mainly in technical and economyfields. One of them is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(FEECS) that specializes mainly in applied research arising from the cooperation withindustrial enterprises and public administration bodies. Currently FEECS is preparingthe project IT4Innovations whose goal is to create in the Czech Republic a nationalresearch centre of excellence specializing in information technologies, including thebuilding of the supercomputer centre.

The research programme of the Department of Applied Mathematics and theDepartment of Computational Sciences of FEECS is focused on developing effectivemethods of mathematical modelling and their integration into the solution of thespecified complex scientific and engineering problems. Research teams at VŠB-TUOstrava have extensive experience with parallel implementations of algorithms, eitherwith the developed libraries or without. Many algorithms have been tested onsupercomputers EPCC in Edinburgh, at Stanford University, University of Colorado atBoulder, Johannes Kepler University Linz.

VSB – TUO project team will focus especially on the field of optimisation ofapplications on multi-core systems. Research team of VSB-Technical University ofOstrava is prepared to exploit its experience in the development of numericalmethods and software for the solution of complex problems arising frommathematical modelling of engineering problems. With regard to the insufficient useof HPC applications in the Czech Republic and team experience in progressivelearning methods, the project team will also participate in PRACE 1IP training anddissemination activities.

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